GytisMark is a digital product design studio

We design web apps for startups and enterprise companies



Over the past 8+ years, we worked with global companies, private clients, and startups worldwide to create better, smarter, more humane products.


Product Design

We use research and creativity to design user-friendly products that look and work great, helping our clients make a positive impact on their customers and their business.

UX/UI Design

We create delightful and intuitive experiences for users by blending thoughtful design, user research, and visual aesthetics, resulting in user-friendly interfaces that make our clients' products shine.

UX Writing

We craft clear and engaging words for digital interfaces, guiding users through a seamless and delightful experience, ensuring that every interaction feels effortless and intuitive.

UX Audit

We analyze your website or app to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that it's easy to use, intuitive, and provides a delightful experience for your users.

UX Strategy

We analyze user needs and business goals to create a plan that ensures a delightful and intuitive experience for your customers, resulting in a successful and user-friendly product.



Research & analysis

We analyze the market to create solutions that are tailored to your target audience, creating products that people love.


Ideation & Design

We transform ideas into visually appealing designs that align with business goals and users' needs.


Review & Testing

We thoroughly review and test our designs to ensure they meet high standards of usability, functionality, and overall user satisfaction.




Senior product

designer, writer,


Gytis has a background in Neuroscience with Psychology and loves figuring things out.

He likes mountains, old music and new gadgets. He thinks he has a good sense of humour, and we are not here to argue.



UX and copy

writer, content


Adele's background is in humanities and marketing, so naturally she has a way with people and words.

Adele loves travels, sun, and hardcore trainings.



ui/ux and



Indre's background is in veterinary, she has a big heart for animals and nature.

She also has a taste for captivating design and a genuinely great eye for details, taking any project to a new dimension.



and Video


Rimantas is all hands on deck with filmmaking and has a name with lots of letters.

He loves making videos and paying drums. Oh, and a good cappuccino.

A true filmmaker at heart and soul.

What Others Say

Kathleen Meling - CTO of Lifeplanner

“Gytis's team worked for my startup, Lifeplanner, for over a year focusing on product design, UX design and communication. Gytis's team is extremely professional in what they do. They dig into the core of our business, building a true understanding of it, its customers, competitors and stakeholders. They are also open-minded and likeable people - a true dream team who know when to lean back and listen and when to challenge. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and with Gytis's team's deliveries.”

Eric, CEO, Fast-Growing Stealth Startup

"The earliest stage of company building is absolutely foundational to ensure long-term success -- despite technically being an external contactor, Gytis was deep in the trenches with our small team, driving impact, understanding complex issues, and creating elegant UX solutions. We are extremely grateful for his thoughtfulness, positive attitude, and care, and we know he can drive organizational impact."

Lorenzo, CTO, Stealth Startup

"Gytis joined the project at a very early stage with no previous knowledge of the industry. He was able to grasp complex ideas quickly and provide valuable product development ideas from the get go. He had a clear and transparent process and kept us well informed. He took full ownership of the project taking in from idea to product from 0 - 1.”

Diego Dal Cero - CEO of Evenfi

"It was an absolute pleasure working with the Gytis Mark team on our web and mobile application analysis and design. The team displayed great talents in the user experience field while they worked with us. It's not just their technical skills that impress me, however. It is also their amazingly positive attitude that made it a joy to work together. I recommend working with the Gytis Mark team without any doubt."

Heather Lynch - Project Manager at DyrectLync

"We cannot recommend Gytis and Indre more highly. Their designs for our LPGA Tournament turned out better than we could have asked for and our client said it's the best-looking site on the Professional Tour. Their attention to detail, ability to hit deadlines and wonderful communication made them a pleasure to work with.  We would be lucky to work with them again!"

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