AI-powered Tool That Feels Like a Marketing Team

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AI-powered Tool That Feels Like a Marketing Team


Our team embarked on an exciting journey to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) through cutting-edge technology called "GhostWriter." With the objective of improving user experience and social media campaign effectiveness, we aimed to address key challenges faced by email marketers and provide them with intuitive features and functionalities. Through this project, we aimed to position Tailwind Email as a leading solution in the competitive email marketing industry.

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AI-powered Tool That Feels Like a Marketing Team


  • User Input: Users faced challenges in achieving high-quality email copy and attention-grabbing subject lines, requiring significant effort and creativity.
  • Seamless Integration: The absence of a dedicated page for AI-enabled features hindered quick testing and validation, causing delays in implementing new tools.
  • UI/UX Consistency: Inconsistencies in the UI design affected user interactions and created confusion, making it harder for users to navigate and find features.

Research and analysis

Through extensive research, we explored ways to enhance user interactions with AI technology. We conducted user surveys, analyzed market trends, and studied competitor approaches. Key insights included the need for time-saving solutions, personalized content, and intuitive interfaces.

Design process

  • Email Copywriting AI: We ideated and prototyped an AI-powered solution that analyzed user input and suggested improvements in grammar, tone, and style. This streamlined the email creation process, saving users time and ensuring higher quality content.
  • Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines: Leveraging AI capabilities, we developed a feature that generated captivating email subject lines with minimal user input, increasing engagement and recipient interest.
  • Labs Structure and Lab Cards: We established a Labs structure within the app, allowing users to access various AI features. Lab Cards facilitated easy access to AI tools like image generation and text generation, enhancing social media content and email writing.
  • UI Redesign: We conducted a comprehensive UI redesign, focusing on intuitive navigation and visual appeal. The new design ensured users could quickly find features, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Implementation and results

The implementation phase involved integrating the AI capabilities into the GhostWriter platform, conducting rigorous testing, and ensuring seamless compatibility across devices and browsers.

The results were remarkable:

  • Users created high-quality content and emails that were engaging, relevant, and personalized.
  • Significant time savings were achieved through streamlined email creation and attention-grabbing subject line generation.Improved user engagement, satisfaction, and recipient response rates were observed.
  • The new UI design enhanced user-friendliness, making it easier for users to create compelling content and emails.
AI-powered Tool That Feels Like a Marketing Team


Our AI-powered GhostWriter tool revolutionized content and email creation. Users experienced improved productivity and engagement through:

  • AI-driven grammar, tone, and style suggestions, saving time and enhancing content quality.
  • Attention-grabbing email subject lines generated with minimal user input, increasing open rates and recipient interest.
  • Labs structure and Lab Cards providing easy access to diverse AI features, fostering creativity and productivity.Redesigned UI elements, simplifying navigation, and enhancing the overall user experience.


  • Through our innovative design process, the integration of GhostWriter's AI capabilities into Tailwind Email proved highly successful.
  • Users experienced enhanced productivity, quality, and engagement.
  • The Labs structure and Lab Cards provided a flexible and accessible AI toolkit, while the redesigned UI elements ensured a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • Our collaboration with AI technology set a new benchmark for email marketing campaigns, positioning Tailwind Email as a leading solution in the industry.
Kensen John - Engineering Lead at Tailwind

Gytis is a highly talented and motivated product designer. We worked together for a year and collaborated with him on multiple projects during this time. Gytis consistently built visually stunning designs while also paying attention to the user experience. His attention to detail and intuitive designs resonated positively with our clients. Gytis is open to feedback and incorporated them into his designs rapidly, which helped us to refine our product experience.