Achiever mobile iOS app MVP

Achiever app is an application that teaches people how to set better personal goals through community-generated resources, pre-built templates, and more.

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Achiever mobile iOS app MVP


Our goal was to create an MVP for the Achiever app, a mobile application that guides users in setting better personal goals.

The app would utilize community-generated resources, pre-built templates, and motivational strategies to help users achieve their goals and connect with like-minded individuals for accountability.

Achiever mobile iOS app MVP


  • The existing goal-setting apps lacked effective motivation strategies and community support, resulting in users struggling to stay committed to their goals.
  • Our challenge was to create a mobile app that not only provided valuable goal-setting resources but also fostered a sense of motivation and accountability among its users.

Research and analysis

To ensure the success of the project, we conducted extensive research on goal-setting techniques, behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience.

This research helped us understand the scope of the project and identify the most effective strategies for motivating users to achieve their goals.

We also created user personas and user journey maps to gain insights into user needs and opportunities.

Design process

  1. Based on our research findings, we began the design process by creating user flows through wireframes.
  2. We wanted to ensure that the app's interface was intuitive and user-friendly.
  3. Taking into account user preferences, we designed a visual language that resonated with the target audience.
  4. Early prototypes were then tested with real users to validate the concept and uncover any usability issues.

Implementation and results

  • The Achiever app's MVP design enabled the testing of the product's concept and its appeal to the target audience.
  • The comprehensive UI and UX design, along with the design system, provided a solid foundation for the development team to implement the app's functionalities.
  • The app's design showcased its potential to motivate users and support them in achieving their goals.
  • By incorporating community-generated resources, pre-built templates, and a focus on meaningful motivation, the Achiever app aimed to stand out among existing goal-setting applications.
Achiever mobile iOS app MVP


The MVP we created for the Achiever app served as a proof of concept, demonstrating its potential value to the target audience.

The visual language, complete UI, and UX design, along with the design system, provided all the necessary assets for the app's implementation. These design elements were handed over to the in-house development team for seamless integration.


The project to create an MVP for the Achiever app addressed the need for a goal-setting application that offered not only valuable resources but also effective motivation and community support. Through thorough research, user-centered design, and testing, we developed a visually appealing and intuitive design that showcased the app's potential. The completion of the MVP marked an important step toward realizing the vision of the Achiever app and providing users with the tools and motivation to set and achieve meaningful goals. The design assets handed over to the development team ensured a seamless implementation process. With the MVP in place, the Achiever app was positioned for further development and refinement, offering users a unique and empowering goal-setting experience.