Management Web app for Steady

Web app for Steady's business customers facilitating income report review process.

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Management Web app for Steady


The primary objective was to develop a new Management Portal tailored for Steady partners. This portal was envisioned to not only facilitate the income report review process but also to serve as a comprehensive tool for managing and understanding the productivity and efficiency of case workers involved in reviewing program participants' income reports.

Management Web app for Steady


  • Inefficiency in Report Reviews: The existing system was cumbersome, leading to significant delays and frustrations among case workers.
  • Lack of Customization: The absence of a customizable dashboard hindered the ability of managers to obtain program-level insights efficiently.

Research and analysis

We have conducted a comprehensive research phase, conducting in-depth interviews with end-users and stakeholders. This process helped in defining detailed user personas and understanding the diverse needs and challenges faced by case workers and managers. Online usability testing sessions were pivotal in gathering real-time feedback and insights, which informed the subsequent design and development phases.

Design process

The design journey was marked by the following key phases:

  1. Creative Conceptualization: Leveraged innovative design thinking to conceptualize the web app.
  2. User Persona and Flow Design: Mapped out detailed user personas and designed intuitive user flows to ensure seamless navigation.
  3. Wireframing and Prototyping: Developed comprehensive wireframes and prototypes to visualize the proposed solutions.
  4. Iterative Feedback Loops: Conducted multiple rounds of usability testing to refine and optimize the web app's features.

Implementation and results

The implementation phase was marked by a collaborative approach, with detailed handoff documents ensuring a seamless transition from design to development. The web app was rolled out after rigorous testing and multiple iterations, based on extensive user feedback. The result was a significant improvement in the efficiency of the income report review process, evidenced by enhanced user satisfaction and increased productivity among case workers and managers.

Management Web app for Steady


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a robust web application that featured:

  • A customizable dashboard providing in-depth program-level insights.
  • A reimagined income report format, optimized for case worker efficiency and tailored to their workflow preferences.
  • An innovative user role management tool, enhancing administrative control and flexibile.


This project stands as a testament to the transformative power of user-centered design in redefining business processes. The SteadyIQ Management Portal is not just a tool but a catalyst for change, empowering business clients to achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity in their operational workflows.