Organising life with lifeplanner app

Lifeplanner is a web app that helps users to remember their past, plan their daily life and prepare for the future.

Organising life with lifeplanner app


Our team embarked on an extensive redesign project for Lifeplanner, a web app designed to help users remember their past, plan their daily lives, and prepare for the future.

Working closely with in-house developers and management, our goal was to align business and product goals, create a product development strategy, and enhance the user experience.

Through user testing, research, and analysis, we aimed to streamline the onboarding process, improve user satisfaction, increase user acquisition, and drive successful signups.

Organising life with lifeplanner app


  • Complex Onboarding: The existing onboarding flow was confusing and time-consuming, resulting in a high drop-off rate and user frustration.
  • Lack of Design System: Developers faced challenges in implementing designs efficiently, leading to delays in product development.
  • Limited Functionality: The app lacked certain features, such as file storage, data sharing, and personalized tips, hindering its effectiveness for users.Lack of streamlined file storage and sharing functionality limited user collaboration and data accessibility.
  • The absence of a comprehensive legal document overview hindered user organization and compliance.Insufficient personalized tips and guidance led to a lack of user engagement and data security awareness.

Research and analysis

To gain a deep understanding of Lifeplanner's users and their needs, we conducted user testing and interviews, refining user personas and mapping user journeys. We analyzed competitors and identified areas for improvement and differentiation.

This research formed the foundation for our design decisions and product development strategy.

Design process

  1. We simplified the onboarding flow, reducing the time it takes for users to get started by 20%. This streamlined process resulted in improved user acquisition and signups.
  2. Additionally, we created an extensive design system, ensuring consistency and efficiency in implementing designs.

Key design solutions include:

  • Redesigned Onboarding Process: We integrated payment capabilities into the onboarding flow, making it seamless for users to sign up and get started. This redesign increased successful signups by 28%.
  • File Storage and Sharing: We designed a file storage functionality that allows users to share sensitive information securely using multiple validation methods. Users can specify data sharing based on a specific date or event, enhancing data organization and collaboration.
  • Legal Document Overview: We created a solution that works in conjunction with legal advisors, guiding users through a custom set-up process based on their individual circumstances. This feature provides users with a comprehensive overview of their legal documents, simplifying complex legal processes.
  • Personalized Security Tips: We designed an integrated solution that analyzes user data and provides personalized tips to help users secure themselves, their family, and their valuables. This feature enhances the overall value and utility of the app.

Implementation and results

The implementation phase involved close collaboration with the development team to ensure the smooth integration of design solutions.

The results of the redesign were highly positive:

  • Increased User Adoption: The simplified onboarding process led to faster user adoption and reduced drop-off rates.
  • Improved Collaboration and Accessibility: The file storage and sharing functionality allowed users to collaborate seamlessly, improving data accessibility and productivity.
  • Enhanced Organization and Compliance: The legal document overview solution provided users with clarity and guidance, promoting better organization and compliance.
  • Personalized Engagement: The integrated security tips feature increased user engagement, fostering a sense of security and trust in the app.

Overall, the project's outcomes were highly successful. Signups increased by 28%, indicating improved user acquisition and interest in the app. User satisfaction rose by 38%, highlighting the positive impact of the redesigned features on the user experience. The streamlined onboarding process resulted in a 20% faster onboarding time, reducing user friction and enhancing user adoption.

Organising life with lifeplanner app


The redesigned Lifeplanner web app successfully addressed the challenges faced by users, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • Increased Signups: The streamlined onboarding process, integrated with payment, led to a 28% increase in successful signups.
  • Improved User Satisfaction: User satisfaction improved by 38% due to the enhanced functionality and user-friendly experience.
  • Enhanced User Acquisition: User acquisition saw a significant increase of 25% as a result of the improved user experience and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Successful Fundraiser: The redesigned app played a key role in a successful fundraiser, attracting more users and generating support for Lifeplanner.


The comprehensive redesign of Lifeplanner resulted in significant improvements in user acquisition, satisfaction, and overall user experience.

The streamlined onboarding process, file storage and sharing capabilities, legal document overview, and personalized security tips enhanced the value and utility of the app.

The collaboration between design and development teams ensured a seamless implementation of the design solutions, resulting in increased efficiency and faster product development.

The positive results achieved through this redesign project demonstrate the effectiveness of user-centered design principles and a collaborative approach to product development.

Lifeplanner is now positioned to provide users with a more intuitive and valuable experience, empowering them to remember, plan, and prepare for the future with ease.

Kathleen Meling - CTO of Lifeplanner

"Gytis's team worked for my startup, Lifeplanner, for over a year focusing on product design, UX design and communication. Gytis's team is extremely professional in what they do. They dig into the core of our business, building a true understanding of it, its customers, competitors and stakeholders. They are also open-minded and likeable people- a true dream team who know when to lean back and listen and when to challenge. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and with Gytis's team's deliveries."