Income Verfication and Reporting Web App for Steady

Income Passport web app, a groundbreaking solution designed to streamline cash grants distribution and facilitate access to public benefits for gig and 1099 employees.

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Income Verfication and Reporting Web App for Steady


The Income Passport project was initiated to address the intricate challenges faced by gig and 1099 workers in verifying their income. The aim was to audit and enhance the existing web app, ensuring that it effectively serves its purpose of simplifying the income verification process for non-standard workers, thereby allowing them easier access to vital public benefits and financial services.

Income Verfication and Reporting Web App for Steady


  • Complex Verification: Gig and 1099 workers faced cumbersome paperwork and lengthy processing times to prove eligibility for benefits, leading to potential underfunding or ineligibility.
  • Administrative Burden: The manual verification process was not only time-consuming for the workers but also resulted in significant administrative costs for states, increasing the risk of benefits fraud.

Research and analysis

In-depth collaboration with stakeholders, including gig workers and government officials, provided valuable insights into the challenges and requirements. This collaborative approach ensured that the solution was built with the end-user in mind, leading to a more effective and user-centric design.

Design process

The project involved a comprehensive audit of the existing app, followed by a strategic redesign to enhance its functionality and user experience. Key tasks included creating user personas, designing user flows, wireframing, and prototyping, all aimed at making the app more intuitive and accessible.

Implementation and results

The optimizations to the Income Passport has had a profound impact, enabling gig and 1099 workers to seamlessly prove eligibility for government benefits. The app has facilitated a more efficient and accurate income verification process, benefiting both workers and government agencies.

Income Verfication and Reporting Web App for Steady


Various optimizations made to Steady's Income Passport generated smoother user flow and better user engagement significanlty diminishing drop offs.


The Income Passport project by Steady represents a significant leap forward in supporting the gig economy workforce. By leveraging technology to address the unique challenges faced by non-standard workers, Steady has contributed to creating a more inclusive and equitable system for income verification and access to public benefits.