Medukis e-commerce website design

Medukis wanted an e-commerce website to sell organic honey and other bee products, and share knowledge about beekeeping and healthy recipes with their community.

Medukis e-commerce website design


Medukis, a company specializing in organic honey and bee products, sought to establish an e-commerce website to sell their products and create a platform for sharing knowledge about beekeeping and healthy recipes.

Our task was to art-direct the brand visual communications, structure the content, and build a responsive e-commerce site using the webflow website builder.

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Medukis e-commerce website design


  • Medukis faced the challenge of creating an online presence that accurately represented their brand and offered a seamless shopping experience.
  • They needed assistance in designing a user-friendly website that catered to the needs of their target audience and facilitated easy management of stock and payments.

Research and analysis

We conducted thorough research to understand Medukis' target audience, their preferences, and their expectations from an organic honey e-commerce platform.

This included creating user personas, analyzing industry trends, and studying competitor websites.

A heuristic evaluation and usability testing were also performed to identify any potential usability issues.

Design process

  1. Based on our research findings, we developed a comprehensive design strategy and outlined the target audience's needs.
  2. With a mobile-first approach, we created a visually appealing and fully responsive e-commerce website using the webflow website builder.
  3. We collaborated closely with Medukis to art-direct the brand visual communications and structure the content in a way that showcased their products and provided valuable beekeeping and recipe information.

Implementation and results

Following the implementation of the redesigned e-commerce website, Medukis experienced significant improvements in their online performance.

The results of the project were as follows:

  • Increased Conversion Rate: The optimized user experience and intuitive design led to a 1.4x increase in the conversion rate. Customers found it easier to browse and purchase products, resulting in higher sales.
  • Daily Visit Growth: The user-friendly interface and improved website experience contributed to a 34% increase in daily visits. Users were more engaged and spent more time exploring the site and its content.
  • New Look and Feel: The redesigned website had a fresh and visually appealing look and feel, aligning with Medukis' brand image and conveying a sense of quality and trustworthiness.
  • Full Responsiveness: The website's responsive design ensured a seamless experience on any device, enhancing accessibility for users and expanding Medukis
Medukis e-commerce website design


The solution was a user-centric e-commerce website that seamlessly integrated shopping functionality with educational content.

The website was designed to adapt to any device or browser, ensuring a consistent user experience across different platforms.

By leveraging the webflow website builder, we empowered Medukis to manage their stock and payments efficiently and have control over their online presence.


The project to create an e-commerce website for Medukis successfully addressed their objectives of selling organic honey and bee products while sharing knowledge about beekeeping and healthy recipes. Through a collaborative design process, we created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that improved conversion rates and daily visit growth. The implementation of the webflow website builder allowed Medukis to efficiently manage their stock and payments while providing room for future growth and customization.

The positive results achieved demonstrate the effectiveness of the design solutions and their impact on Medukis' online presence and sales.

The testimonial from the CEO further underscores the success of the project and the value it brought to Medukis' business.

Dalia Vaitukaitiene / Co-founder of Medukis:

“Comming to this project we didn't know what to expect from it. Gytis outlined the process very clearly and we were able to see it develop. The website turned out amazing and our sales doubled in the next 6 months.”