Mobile stock and logistics management platform

SCOT is a mobile management system that contributes to better stock control, audit trail and logistics management

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Mobile stock and logistics management platform


Our project involved redesigning SCOT, a mobile management system that focuses on stock control, audit trail, and logistics management.

Our goal was to improve the app architecture, enhance the user interface, and simplify interactions to maximize efficiency, prevent errors, and increase user engagement.

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Mobile stock and logistics management platform


  • The previous version of SCOT lacked intuitive user interfaces and efficient workflows, leading to task completion delays, human errors, and over-stocking issues.

These challenges hindered productivity, accuracy, and overall user satisfaction.

Our objective was to address these problems and create a solution that streamlines processes, reduces errors, and optimizes stock management.

Research and analysis

To understand the user needs and pain points, we conducted thorough research and analysis.

We developed user personas, which represented the target users of SCOT, and utilized their feedback to guide our design decisions.

By studying the existing workflows and gathering user insights, we identified opportunities for improvement and created a user-centered design approach.

Design process

  1. Our design process began with creating wireframes and prototypes that visualized the new app architecture and interface.
  2. We focused on simplifying interactions, standardizing inputs, descriptions, and reporting to minimize the risk of human error.
  3. These design iterations were tested with real users to gather feedback and ensure usability and effectiveness.

Implementation and results

  • The design assets, including wireframes, prototypes, and the user-centered design approach, were utilized for the implementation of the new SCOT app.
  • The redesigned application was deployed, and users experienced increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved satisfaction.
  • Task completion rates improved by 18%, leading to enhanced productivity. Human errors decreased by 26%, ensuring greater accuracy in stock management.
  • User satisfaction increased by 32%, indicating a positive reception of the improved user experience.
  • Additionally, over-stocking was reduced by 21%, optimizing capital and minimizing wastage.
Mobile stock and logistics management platform


The redesigned SCOT application offers a more intuitive and streamlined user experience.

We standardized inputs, descriptions, and reporting methods, reducing human errors by 26%. The platform now provides increased visibility of older stock, enabling users to prioritize stock usage based on shelf life. This approach reduces over-stocking by 21% and ensures efficient utilization of resources.

By improving task completion rates by 18% and increasing user satisfaction by 32%, the redesigned SCOT app significantly enhances productivity and user engagement.


The redesign of SCOT, the mobile management system, successfully addressed the challenges of stock control, audit trail, and logistics management. Through a comprehensive design process, including research, user-centered design, and prototyping, we created an intuitive and efficient user interface.

The implementation of the redesigned app resulted in increased task completion rates, decreased human errors, improved user satisfaction, and reduced over-stocking. SCOT now provides a powerful tool for stock management, offering better visibility, minimizing errors, and optimizing resource utilization.

With the redesigned SCOT app, businesses can effectively control their stock, enhance audit trail processes, and streamline logistics management, ultimately contributing to improved operational efficiency and profitability.